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Welcome to Tonga Environment and Climate Change Portal

The  GIZ Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific islands Program approved and funded  the development of the Tonga Environment and Climate Change Portal:

The Ministry of Lands, Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources currently holds substantial amount of information in relation to environment and climate change.  The Environment and Climate Change Portal aims to ensure this information is readily accessible to relevant stakeholders in a coordinated and user-friendly manner.

Improved access to aforesaid information will  raise general knowledge and awareness of Tongan people  on environmental issues , climate change and its effects. It will also strengthen communication , cooperation and increased involvement  of all relevant stakeholders in  both environment and climate change process to effectively cope with environmental issues and climate change impacts.

This portal is also envisaged to leverage more environment and climate change initiatives and innovation in Tonga.The major target groups expected to use the portal are national stakeholders, regional organizations, donors and development partners. A broader audience, however, is not excluded.

Objectives of the portal

* Improve timely access to and delivery of environment and climate change information and tools

* Communicate and promote environment and climate change challenges, issues and activities in the Kingdom

* Act as a hub for environment and climate change information and knowledge sharing

*Assist decision makers through the provision of information concerning environmental issues, climate change adaptation and mitigation

* Identify gaps in current environmental and climate change programmes and  activities

* Facilitate enhanced cooperation on environment and climate change programs and projects in Tonga

*Create links and synergies to related national, regional and international environment and climate change initiatives, frameworks and agreements