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Focus & Goals:

The programmes and objectives under the Environment Division is to address the Ministry’s Corporate Plan 2014 – 2016, the Government’s Tonga Strategic Development Framework (TSDF), specifically, the Strategic Outcome 7 – ‘ensure environmental sustainability, disaster risk management and climate change adaptation is integrated into all planning and implementation of programmes, by establishing and adhering to appropriate procedures and consultation mechanisms’, as well as providing a management tool for senior officers to monitor its progress in implementing the plan.

Programme Summary:

The Environmental Management Act 2010 provides for the legislation for the establishment of Tonga’s Environment & Climate Change and for the management of emerging environmental issues.  In order to enhance the Environment Division’s capacity to implement its programmes, we have taken the approach of building strong partnerships with other Government agencies, the community, regional/international organisations and with bilateral and multilateral assistance.

There are four sub-programme areas that the Division coordinates and manages in order to better achieve its strategic goals, enforce its legislative functions and related global environmental conventions and agreements:

                  :The National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Tonga (NBSAP) provides the framework  for coordinating

                   efforts of   local,national, regional and international groups in terms of advancement of sustainable development in Tonga

                     Environmental Impact Assessment Act 2003 plays a vital role in assessing the impacts of development activities.

                Responsible for ensuring the implementation of the Waste Management Act 2005 and the

                  Hazardous Waste and Chemical Act 2010

                 Providing services to increase and enhance public awareness, education and stakeholder engagement.


Mission Statement:

To sustain the integrity of the land and ecosystems of Tonga to support life and livelihoods through effective planning, coordination and monitoring, in partnership with relevant stakeholders.