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National Ozone Layer Protection

Ozone Depleting Substances Project

Project Details
Project name : Ozone Depleting Substances Project
Project Life date: 31 Dec, 2016
Project Status &
Completion Percentage
: Revise Annually
Focal Point: Paula Ma'u
Project Management Unit : Uikelotu Vunga, Siosi Soakai Fifita
Donor: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Project Sector: Climate Change
Focus & Goals: • To strengthen cooperation with the refrigeration and customs enforcement sectors to ensure that the regulations are abided by; • To sustain the capacity of the ozone office; • To sustain in the phase-out of HCFCs as per the mandate of the Montreal Protocol; • To implement HCFC Phase-out Management Plan; • To continue public awareness activities on the phase-out of ODS with a particular focus on HCFCs phase-out schedule; and • Update on an annual basis and use the informal Prior Informed Consent (iPIC) online system (
Description: 1. Capacity of NOU and other national stakeholders will be strengthened to effectively implement the Montreal Protocol; 2. Ensure phase out of ODS according to national regulation and within the control limits of the Montreal Protocol; 3. The licensing/quota system for ODS import/export control are in place and enforced. 4. 5. HPMP to be implemented as planed; completion of Phase 1-Trance 1 of the HPMP and submission of the required financial and progress reports 6. Effective communication and awareness activities to educate consumers to convert to energy efficient, climate and ozone friendly products; and 7. In time submission of Article 7 data reporting to the Ozone Secretariat 8. In time and required on-line Country Programme Data reporting to the Multi-lateral Fund Secretariat
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