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Environmental Monitoring

Division : Environment| Focal Point : Lupe Mangisi Matoto

Focus & Goals

To mainstream sustainable resource utilization and development practices and report the State of the Environment: * environmental assessments * state of environment reporting * compliance * multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) *governance *

Program Summary

The Environmental Monitoring Section is strengthening its capacity to develop and implement frameworks and processes for improved environmental governance, planning, monitoring and reporting. The Section attempts to ensure integrated delivery of Tonga’s Environment & Climate Change services to its stakeholders. The Environmental Impact Assessment 2003 (EIA) assesses the impact of development activities, for example: construction of wharfs, mining, coastal revetment systems, and so forth. The Environmental Management Act 2010 ensures the protection and proper management of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development in order to meet obligations to the people and to international conventions through nationally driven actions. The State of Environment (SOE) monitoring and reporting plays a vital role in tracking changes in the total environment in terms of (a) impacts of social and economic development pressures; (b) consequences of those changes on human and environmental well-being; and (c) future sustainable development options. The process can become an effective system for streamlining the monitoring and reporting requirements under Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs).


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