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Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Division : Climate Change| Focal Point : Luisa T Malolo

Focus & Goals

Develop, update, and publish report on national greenhouse gas inventory (GHGI) in Tonga and to formulate strategy to mitigate these GHG emissions.

Program Summary

Atmospheric scientists revealed from recent scientific findings that climate change has resulted from the human-induced activities which cause the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere . This has impacted the other spheres (hydrosphere, cryosphere and biosphere) of the global climate system. In accordance with Article 12 of the international convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), signatory parties are required to prepare, update and publish national greenhouse gas inventory of anthropogenic emission by sources and removals by sinks of all greenhouse gases not controlled by the Montreal Protocol using comparable methodologies agreed upon by the Conference of the Parties.


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