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Joint National Action Plan on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management

Division : Climate Change| Focal Point : Luisa T Malolo

Focus & Goals

To assist the Government of Tonga meet its climate change adaptation needs that were highlighted in its JNAP on CCADRM

Program Summary

Cabinet approved the Joint National Action Plan on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management (JNAP on CCADRM) in July 2010. The development of this Joint National Action Plan on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management is to ensure that these priorities are addressed and implemented at all levels and an important component of Tonga’s Second National Communication Programme. This plan is consistent with the national, regional and international policy drivers, agreements and framework on climate change and disaster risk management. It highlights national and community priority goals and activities to be implemented to enable people and the environment of Tonga to adapt to the impacts of climate change and to mitigate disaster risks. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change(MECC), Tonga and the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), began deliberations on establishing a JNAP Secretariat whose roles are, to oversee the timely coordination, execution, and completion of all activities under this plan. AusAID supported this suggestion and subsequently provided resources to establish the Secretariat through the Government of Australia’s International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI). One of the outcomes of this program is to strengthen the implementation arrangements of the JNAP through the establishment of a JNAP Task Force Secretariat. In July 2011, three JNAP senior posts (Team Leader, Climate Change Finance Officer & a Technical Implementation Supporting Officer) were established. Ms Luisa Tuiafitu-Malolo (Team Leader), Ms ‘Ofa Ma’asi-Kaisamy (Technical Implementation Supporting Officer) and Mr. Sione Talo Fulivai (Climate Change Financing Officer. The Secretariat is housed within the Ministry of Lands, Environment, Climate Change & Natural Resources (former Ministry of Environment and Climate Change) and under the direct supervision of the CEO and in close collaboration with AusAID. The Secretariat signed the Contract of Agreement (COA) with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change on the 10th August 2011. Duration of the COA is 32 months with effective from the date of signing. The Secretariat will provide specific operational and technical support not only to expedite the JNAP implementation but also to ensure that JNAP is implemented in a timely and effective manner. Tasks of the Secretariat will also include support for the Task Force to: • develop a detailed Implementation Plan including Annual Work Plans and Monitoring and Evaluation framework to assess and report on progress regarding the implementation of the JNAP on CCADRM; • support the Task Force to implement its planned activities, as required. • Develop project profiles and related documentation to facilitate requests for funding and technical assistance from donors and development partners and assist Ministries in this connection when required • Work with donors and development partners to secure funding and technical assistance to implement NAP actions • Assist Ministries to integrate NAP actions into Corporate Plans and Annual Management Plans. • Develop and implement a communication strategy to support NAP implementation including the identification of the requisite resource requirements and associated costs. • Participate in advocacy for the NAP at different levels internally within Tonga and also with donors and development partners. • Ensure that thorough monitoring, evaluation and reporting is undertaken in relation to NAP implementation and work closely with the relevant Ministries and other key stakeholders in this regard. • Provide regular reports and at a minimum of six (6) month intervals to the NECCC, NEMC, PACC and Cabinet on NAP implementation. • Submit reports and acquittals to donors and development partners in relation to any specific funding and technical assistance that may be provided for NAP implementation.


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