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Mangrove News Article

On Monday, 2nd February 2015, Biodiversity Section team carried out a field assessment at Popua led by JICA volunteer Ai,  in an attempt to designate an appropriate site for a mangrove nursery. This trial site will be the first of its kind in Tonga with the intention of nurturing and cultivating all kind of mangove seedlings both rare in Tonga. The establishment of this nursery will be an advantage for Tonga and to the Deparment of Environment for future rehabilitation activities. This is the initial step towards accomplishing this  program and herewith a consultation will be undertaken with the community of Popua on the activity that is being implemented. Recently, mangrove biodiversity management and conservation have received consideration attention throughout the world on its values, functions and attributes,  and it is the intention of the Biodiversity Section to replicate this program on other sites in Tongatapu and the outer islands of Tonga in the future.


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