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JNAP Secretariat met Aid/SPC Food Security Project and participates in food security training

The JNAP Secretariat met the Regional Project Management Unit for the USAid Food Security Project from Suva on May 2014. The JNAP Secretariat was informed of the activities and work plan of this project that links to the JNAP CCA & DRM priorities. Part of the proposal from the JNAP Secretariat  is to conduct a national cost benefit analysis and to assist in the implementation of the phase of the Climate Change School Warrior Projects. The team has confirmed their assistance and have asked JNAP Secretariat  to be part of this project’s national working group to advise on the direction of implementation of activities under this project.

The project again ran a one week training on food security and impacts of climate change to government and non government stakeholders and the communities and facilitated by experts from the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in Suva. JNAP Secretariat presented a presentation on climate change and food security and at the end of the one-week training; participants were awarded with a certificate. This is a part of capacity building to stakeholders and communities alike. 

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