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Tonga JNAP Staff awarded with an International Seabed Authority Scholarship and assisted by SPC/SOPAC DMS Project

Ms. Ofa Kaisamy is an awardee of the International Seabed Authority Scholarship to undertake a Diploma on Oceans Law and Policy in Rhodes Greece from 19th June to 21 July 2014.

The Academy entails an intensive, three-week course of study, with lectures by leading jurists, practitioners, and international law faculty from around the world. Although it is a single course of study, the program is divided into two distinct units. The first two weeks focus on the foundations of modern oceans law, recent developments, and an overview of the 1982 United Nations Conference of the Law of the Sea. In the second week, several short courses address specific topics under the rubric of oceans law and policy. The third week typically focuses on an issue of current concern to the international community. Passing an optional examination enables students to receive a diploma from the Rhodes Academy.

In comments prepared for the inaugural session of the Rhodes Academy, United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali said, "The objective of your academy, fostering a better understanding of the law of the sea, is one to which the United Nations has dedicated itself almost since its inception. The success of the Academy is therefore of particular interest to the United Nations. . . . The exchange of ideas and other forms of cooperation between the United Nations and the Academy should serve our common purpose of fostering a better understanding of the law of the sea."

The student body of the Rhodes Academy is kept relatively small to allow for maximum interaction among students and lecturers. The distinguished international faculty and diverse student body are strengths of the Academy, bringing together different perspectives on global and regional issues. These elements make the Rhodes Academy a unique educational opportunity, and facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of the principles of oceans law and policy as reflected in the practice of States, the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and a myriad of related international agreements.

Ms. Ofa Kaisamy is being supported with daily allowance from the SPC/SOPAC DMS Project in Suva 

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